Last updated at Aug 20, 2022

This website is as much a culmination of my expertise as it is a reflection of identity. I’ve redesigned and rebuilt this website maybe 30 times. Every time I do, I bring in influences from around the internet that add to my personal moodboard of sorts. In turn, everything I change and add makes me more comfortable with the style and thusly, helps me become a little bit more myself. This time around, the design for this site is heavily inspired by Paco Coursey's personal site, mixed with a bit of brutalism inspired by Jon Way.

The primary typeface is TWK Lausanne, a compact and sophisticated sans-serif that reminds me of historical typefaces that I love using in a super-mimimalist way, with (as the author Nizar Kazan noted) an “ultra-organic” aesthetic. It's backed up by the popular serif typeface Newsreader by Production Type, available on Google Fonts.

It’s built from ground-up as expression of love for my favourite technologies, starting with Next.js and Vercel for the construct, then Tailwind for utility classes for rapid development. Some features such as the ⌘K command bar are inspired by UIWTF, built as interesting proof-of-concepts to explore the intersection between what is considered a website or product. The homepage activity status is an experiment to see how we can bring personal websites to life with integrations. The burst image animations are from @shuding_ and the rebuild link previews are based on a Twitter discussion by @itskrtk.

Want to see how I built this site? Read the source code.