Scalable products on emerging tech

I like building modern, beautiful and reliable website and apps on cutting-edge technologies, using the latest in React tooling and serverless architectures.


I started my journey as a front-end developer and still enjoy diving into codebases, particularly when it comes to ensuring interfaces are delivered to customers in a performant and bulletproof way. Nowadays I mostly lead development teams, focused on an iterative approach with continual communication and creating design systems so your product can scale as your business does.

While I’ve tried most web technologies available, I’m most proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript — particularly React and Node. My current passion when it comes to code is leading product, engineering and design teams in creating and maintaining beautiful, scalable design systems. My component inventory platform of choice is Storybook, which helps in evolving all the states and variants for each component in the system.

My stack of choice for static marketing sites is typically Gatsby with a headless CMS like Prismic or Contentful, deployed on Netlify. For apps, I’m partial to using Firebase with Redux for global state management and PostCSS for efficient styling, however I’ve deployed on everything from AWS to DigitalOcean and built everything from identity systems to analytics engines manually at some point.

I’m an evangelist for modern web standards like CSS variables and Progressive Web App patterns. Sites I build typically score 90+ in all categories in Chrome Lighthouse audits and some have even won awards for mobile performance… try running an audit on this site for example. I’m a strong advocate for best practices, strong SEO, accessibility and responsive design, ensuring the apps and websites launched to market convert audiences.

I’m also passionate about creating an efficient development environment with continuous deployment and integration, linting and editorconfig. I’m currently dabbling with React Native for personal apps.

Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.

Bill Gates