Aligning your vision and roadmap

I frequently lead strategic direction to develop a shared understanding of why a project exists and what the goals are, focusing on communication with key stakeholders.


I can help you design and build some beautiful, scalable products but without a solid strategy and roadmap in place, it’s not going very far. When I know how you work and what your company believes in, I can help you create a shared vision of what we’re creating together. Once I understand an organisation’s vision for their brand and product, I can turn that into an actionable roadmap through feature definition and prioritisation based on key business objectives.

Once we have a shared understanding of what we’re working on, I enjoy leading agile product, design and engineering teams in shipping desirable products to market. I focus on maintaining a clear product roadmap and an ongoing effort to continuous improvement through well-defined scoping and release management.

When it comes to product management, I’m accustomed to leading solution planning, gathering user / internal feedback and prioritising new features with tools like RICE frameworks.

A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.

Deep Nishar