Last updated at Sep 05, 2022

I spent most of my day growing Corellium's Design and Product teams (we're hiring!). Also heavily involved in the design, brand and frontend execution - working with my team on creating / optimising a new design system called Magic from scratch, building out our website, redesigning our product, creating new experiences, and a whole bunch of secret stuff 🤫

After-hours, I'm designing and building new experiences for Neutral and working with Madi on Bokeh (the design part anyway).

When I have code or ideas I think are worth sharing, I'm trying to get more into writing articles and publishing open source code again, like Harmony. I also use this site as a playground for new code and design concepts.

Other than that, I'm training at the gym 6 days a week, ideating on new side projects and occasionally working with very select clients on freelance / moonlight work. Get in touch on Twitter if you want to work with me on something.