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In my spare time, I work on an app called Neutral. It’s a simple, subscription-based app to help contribute to the issue of climate change through reforestation. You simply sign up and fill in a lifestyle questionnaire, which combines your information with U.S. EPA and other data sources to calculate your CO₂e emissions. Then, you can subscribe to a tailored offset plan in the country of your choice, designed to reduce your carbon dioxide equivalent to zero (or whatever you prefer).

I started working on Neutral after “Black Summer” - the period of unusually intense bushfires in 2020 that ravaged many parts of Australia. I started by trying to reduce my own carbon footprint in my daily life by swapping Uber rides for walking, reducing electricity usage around the house and taking less flights (COVID-19 may have been a helpful factor here).

Realising that it's virtually impossible to live a carbon neutral lifestyle nowadays, I started looking at reforestation - the primary method of offsetting your carbon emissions. There are many organisations out there that allow you to make donations, but they're typically one-off. There are also many calculators online to estimate your emissions, but I found them typically inaccurate or difficult to use. I also found a few people building in this space (which is brilliant) but none of them supported reforestation programs in Australia, or in many places other than Africa.

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