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Product Design Panel at AcademyXi: Designing Products for the World’s Biggest Tech Companies

It’s a misconception that a designer’s role is purely about aesthetics. There’s no point in having an attractive product if the functionality is poor. Or more importantly, designing a product that does not meet the user’s needs? That would be like having a sleek-looking smartphone that could not make calls.

This is why we need specialist designers. Ones who are focused on overseeing all design aspects including aesthetics, functionality, and the user needs, wants, and behaviours.

Enter the Product Designer.

A Product Designer manages the overall end-to-end function and working processes of a product. To create usable products and services, a Product Designer first defines the user’s problem.

Thanks to tech giants like Facebook and Apple, the role of the Product Designer has received a lot of hype in recent years. But why is their role so important?

Besides managing the end-to-end process, a Product Designer’s role focuses on human-centric solutions. They are responsible for ensuring that products are useful, interactive, and personalised, while of course looking good. They do this by working through numerous iterations of a product to produce the best physical or digital goods that meets customers’ needs.  

At our panel event The Product Designer: Designing Products for the World’s Biggest Tech Companies, learn more about the role of a Product Designer and how it has impacted some of Australia’s largest tech companies.

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How to design for disruptive startups at Sydney UI/UX Meetup

I was invited to the Sydney UI/UX meetup hosted at SafetyCulture to talk about designing for disruptive startups. I talked about what defines a startup, the cyclical nature of learning and unlearning, and finally how we approached this at Spaceship.

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UTS Start-up / Entrepreneur Insight Event

The UTS business school (careers and student societies) are running a series of weekly industry insight events. The aim is to assist current undergraduate students develop their industry knowledge and have the opportunity to ask questions. Each event will have a panel of alumni and industry professionals to give an overview of their current role and career history and be available to answer students questions. The event is to help students build their knowledge.

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Presumi: Pitch Deck for Hatchery+

A resume-tracking and analytics platform for online employment marketplaces. 

Presumi provides an algorithm that allows for detailed resume tracking all the way from the candidate to the employer and back again — opens, clicks, viewtime... everything. 

Built on top of this is our bespoke data analytics platform that uses data collected from resumes and behaviour to help make decisions. 

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