Hayden R. Bleasel

Hayden Bleasel

Hi, I’m Hayden Bleasel — a Founder, Product Designer and Full-Stack Developer. I’m currently Head of Product and Design at Spaceship and Organiser of Sydney Designers in Sydney, Australia.


I’m starting something new at the moment... watch this space. 🙊

I’m currently working as Head of Product and Design at Spaceship 🚀 — an entirely new type of superannuation fund that lets you invest your super in the future. I’m leading a team of very talented designers and engineers to define the new style of Spaceship and build scalable products with the newest web technologies. My day-to-day is thinking about we’ll interact with our wealth in the future and how we can make superannuation simple and transparent.

I’m also currently the Organiser of Sydney Designers — a meetup for designers sponsored by the biggest tech companies in Sydney. I host the meetup every month, bringing hundreds of designers together to chat, network and learn from our influential guest speakers. The meetup group has grown exponentially in the last few months, attracting incredible hosts like Atlassian, Freelancer and Pivotal Labs; as well as swag sponsors like Adobe, Dribbble and Sketch.

I’m working on a small project called The Busy Entrepreneur. I noticed I had a stack of books on entrepreneurship, design, products and growth that I never had time to get through. When I did get through them, I’d just as soon forget what was in them. So, I started a Medium series and started posting snippets of great facts and quotes from books like Hooked, Growth Hacker Marketing, The Lean Startup and Mastering the VC Game. More coming soon.

I graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney in mid-2017 after five years with a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I majored in Management and Enterprise Systems Development, respectively. While I was working the majority of my degree, I still managed to achieve a perfect mark of 100% in my capstone subject on Systems Development and become an alumni of the Hatchery+, a university-based startup accelerator.

I’ve given five talks so far in 2017. Two have been with Spaceship where I’ve talked about building Product at Lean Startup Sydney and the UTS Hatchery. I’ve interviewed the influential, Sydney-based designer Mizko at Talks at Spaceship, given a guest talk at Academy Xi on designing for growth and returned to talk about designing scalable interfaces with Atomic CSS at the Coder Factory.


Before Spaceship, I was the Founder of Presumi — a data analytics company for recruitment that helped thousands of candidates apply for jobs by combining automation and data analysis with a beautiful, modern design. I created a unique resume-tracking algorithm coupled with an intricate analytics platform and then licensed it to big recruiting companies 🤓. The platform lets the company and it’s candidates gather analytics on the end-to-end job application process. I wrote a Medium story on the Presumi journey what it’s like to start a startup. We also got some great press coverage like The American Genius and StartupDaily.

While at university, I was hired by the University of Technology, Sydney to work on a new project for the Innovation & Creative Intelligence Unit. It’s a web-based platform that allows motivated, entrepreneurial students to find other talented students, form groups and start working together on startups or ideas. The platform is called Skill Exchange and currently runs internally at UTS.

I worked on Tyro’s marketing team as a Freelance Digital Designer for a month during a period of progress — my primary task was to design and produce new landing pages for Tyro’s products and services. However, I also collaborated with the rest of the marketing and copy teams to help produce rich HTML email templates (EDMs), marketing content, concept web designs and e-books.

I gave four talks in 2016. Two of them were at the Coder Factory, on how to write good quality code and creating scalable interfaces with Bootstrap. I was invited by the Hatchery to give a presentation and workshop on building products and I pitched Presumi for the last time at the Hatchery+ Demo Day.


In late 2015, I spent three months as a Product Design intern at the Palantir headquarters in Palo Alto, California. I was on an amazing team tasked with designing an anti-fraud focused pilot project. Palantir was my first purely design-focused role at a company and it was an incredible experience, I even wrote a short story on it. That’s all I can say, everything else is confidential 😉

I’ve worked for Flirtey multiple times over the last few years. I’ve redesigned and rebuilt their website a few times, most recently when they conducted the first FAA-approved drone deliveries in America. My most recent project with them was designing the pitch deck for their recent successful $16m fundraising round to become a next-gen UPS that delivers anything you want by drone.

I worked as Head of Product at Sumry for about a year, creating a platform that replaces your resume with an interactive timeline and helps potential employers understand the real you. I designed and built an entirely new user interface and platform from ground up. I also spent a lot of time refining the logo, colour palette, social media and overall brand identity, making them a real startup.

While I was in university, I co-founded Gunmetal — an independent web design and development studio. During this time, we had the privilege of working with a incredibly wide range of clients. Our biggest client was National Geographic Channel 🦁 but we also got to work with some great startups such as Vimbra, Sketchbuddy, Favo, Trekalo, Ryzer and Wild Animal Encounters.

I worked at MindArc for a short time as an automation engineer and Magento developer. I was primarily tasked with rebuilding Magento themes from ground up and creating helpful scripts, however I also worked on some of the client sites. Some of these include famous e-commerce sites like Hello Molly and ShowPo. I also redesigned the MindArc marketing site from the ground up.


I was the lead web developer at Zookal during the first few years of my university degree. I cut my teeth in web development by working directly with the CTO on building the new Zookal e-commerce platform, focusing on modern design and strong responsive capability for an shopping site. I also had the chance to work on Zookal’s content-sharing app before it became a big deal in Asia.

I started to get into open-source development early on in my career. I authored a few Javascript automation libraries, the most popular one being Favicons which garnered over 500 stars on GitHub. I contributed to Twitter Bootstrap (rebuilding the Modal transitions to use CSS3 transforms) and Google’s Yeoman and Web Starter Kit projects. I also created a few themes for Ghost which you can find in use across the web by searching the right terms in Google.

Before I got into web development, I used to work on Rainmeter skins. The most popular one was a collaboration with another scripter called Hazardous, which garnered around 10,000 downloads from DeviantArt. In total, I created around 15 different Rainmeter skins which resulted in around 50,000 total downloads.