Hayden Bleasel

Hayden Bleasel

Head of Product & Design at Spaceship

Hi, I’m Hayden Bleasel — a Founder, Product Designer, Full-Stack Developer and Writer. I’m currently Head of Product & Design at Spaceship and founder of Presumi.

Prior to this, I was an intern at Palantir in Palo Alto. I’ve worked for many companies including Tyro, Flirtey, Sumry, Zookal and MindArc. I recently graduated from UTS (alumni of Hatchery+) and used to run Gunmetal.

I publish new content every Thursday on my Medium blog about design, life and startups. I post most of my design work on Dribbble. I also have a Medium series called The Busy Entrepreneur that you can subscribe to.

I run a group called Sydney Designers. We hold a new meetup every month with guest speakers. Check out Meetup if you want to come to the next one.

That’s it from me,

— Hayden Bleasel