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Hayden Bleasel

I design, build and grow internet software.

Currently in Las Vegas, NV

Iā€™m a Product Designer and Frontend Engineer who enjoys turning problems and opportunities into simple interfaces through design and code.


I currently lead the Product and Design teams at Corellium, where we blur the line between real and virtual. In the past, I was Head of Product and Design at Spaceship, ran the agency Jellypepper, contracted for R/GA, interned at Palantir and worked with a huge range of companies and clients.

After Hours

I work on a few projects after hours. I design a photography app called Bokeh, support reforestation with Neutral and write about stuff. I also play a lot of games, sometimes give talks and make a lot of playlists.


I use Figma for product design and FigJam for brainstorming and workshops. I code everything in JavaScript ā€” React + Next for websites and web apps, Node for server code and React Native + Expo for native mobile apps, kept incredibly precise with tools like Harmony. I also use a bunch of other tools.


Reach me on Twitter for a coffee or chat!