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Neutral is a climate-focused app that combines a lifestyle questionnaire with U.S. EPA and other data sources to calculate your CO₂e emissions, then helps you offset it with a reforestation program.

You can use it to calculate your carbon footprint, offset with a simple monthly subscription and follow your friends to track their impact.

By partnering with environmental non-profits and tree-planting organisations, we’ve given you access to global reforestation initiatives, in your pocket, so you can offset your carbon emissions in your own backyard.

So far, we’ve helped our users plant over a thousand trees and offset hundreds of tonnes of CO₂e. It’s just the beginning.


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As part of my work at Tomorrow Studio, I’m currently designing Bokeh — an intelligent portfolio platform for professional photographers that grows with your work.

It’s still very much in progress but you can follow along with my newest designs on Dribbble.


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While in university, I created a product called Presumi — a resume-tracking and analytics platform that used a unique algorithm that allowed for detailed data collection all the way from the candidate to the employer.

Built on top of this was a bespoke B2B analytics platform that used aggregated behavioural analytics to help employment marketplaces make strategic decisions.

I started Presumi in 2016 as a B2C platform focused on helping candidates get their dream job. Before pivoting to B2B, we helped 2000+ candidates secure jobs.

After pivoting, I ended up licensing the platform to SEEK (Australia’s no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site) in Hong Kong for a while, where we managed 100K+ job applications and analysed 1M+ data points.

Presumi was my first solo project where I designed and developed the entire platform from ground up. The front-end was built in React and Parse, the back-end was a unique resume tracking algorithm built in Node.js.