Last updated at Sep 04, 2022

I’m a digital product designer and software engineer. I enjoy reducing complex problems into thoughtful solutions that balance simplicity, functionality and accessibility. I help companies make experiences their customers love by collaborating closely with cross-functional teams and partnering with other teams in Engineering, Research and more to take ideas from concept to launch to growth.

Design Approach

My primary focus is Product Design for iOS, Android and Web. I’m best at screen designs in the form of UI and UX; and creating, maintaining and growing design systems. I’m relatively good at branding, copywriting and a few others.

I follow a lean, iterative approach to design centred around empathy, constant learning and ideation; consisting of end-to-end visual design, prototyping, testing and measuring success of products and design systems.

While I’m typically happy owning the end-to-end design process, I also enjoy working with and fostering tight-knit, collaborative and diverse design teams.


In my spare time, I like to mentor young designers and entrepreneurs, advise startups and go to the gym. I work on a few projects after hours. I also write about stuff. I also play a lot of games, sometimes give talks, make a lot of playlists and sometimes learn new things.

Back in the day, I made Presumi — a resume analytics platform that SEEK used in Hong Kong to process 100K+ job applications and analyse 1M+ data points.

I also started a design meetup and used to work on open-source software, where I contributed to projects like Bootstrap and created a couple of kinda-popular repos like Favicons and Phantom.