I’m currently running an award-winning creative agency for disrupters.

I started Jellypepper in late 2017. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of working with massive companies and disruptive early-stage startups in industries like self-driving cars, sustainable energy financing, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and drones.


Jellypepper has given me the opportunity to see how companies and products from all different industries, all over the world, work and grow. My team and I have been fortunate enough to work on the following projects.

  • Baraja


    Next generation LiDAR for self-driving cars.

    Completed July 2019. My roles: Director, Visual Designer, Web Developer.
  • Flirtey


    Save lives and deliver anything instantly with drones.

    Completed May 2019. My roles: Director, Visual Designer, Web Developer.
  • Spaceship Voyager

    Spaceship Voyager

    Invest your savings in the companies of tomorrow.

    Completed September 2019. My roles: Director, Digital Product Designer.
  • Inventia


    Revolutionising 3D cell biology to accelerate drug discovery.

    Completed April 2020. My roles: Director.
  • Lightswap


    The easiest way to buy, sell and learn crypto.

    Completed August 2018. My roles: Director, Web Developer.
  • Elevio


    Customer success tools for happy and productive teams.

    Completed November 2019. My roles: Director.
  • Futrli


    Your artificial intelligence small business accountant.

    Completed August 2019. My roles: Director.
  • Tank Stream Ventures

    Tank Stream Ventures

    A venture fund for solving global problems with tech.

    Completed May 2018. My roles: Director, Visual Designer, Web Developer.
  • Clipchamp


    All your video needs in one place.

    Completed July 2019. My roles: Director, Digital Product Designer.
  • Flaunter


    Where brands and media frame their connections.

    Completed August 2018. My roles: Director.
  • Zibbet


    Helping creative entrepreneurs sell more.

    Completed January 2019. My roles: Director, Digital Product Designer.
  • Canva Schedule

    Canva Schedule

    Create and schedule amazing social content.

    Completed July 2018. My roles: Director.
  • Brighte


    Access to an energy efficient future for all.

    Completed October 2018. My roles: Director, Web Developer.
2020 — Present

Tomorrow Studio

I co-founded a tiny product incubator for delightful products. Our first product is Bokeh — a new kind of photography portfolio. We just launched, but if you join the mailing list we’ll keep you in the loop.


Other roles

Outside Jellypepper, I have been fortunate enough to work with the following companies.

  • Spaceship

    Head of Product and Design


    Spaceship is an entirely new type of superannuation fund that lets you invest your super in the future. My focus involved building the front-end development and design teams, defining the new Spaceship style guide, crafting scalable interfaces and thinking about the future of how we interact with our personal finances.

    Full-time from Dec 2016 to Sep 2017 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Presumi



    I founded Presumi — a data analytics company for recruitment. We created a unique resume-tracking algorithm coupled with an intricate analytics platform and ended up licensing it to SEEK in Hong Kong.

    Self-employed from Jan 2016 to Jul 2017 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Visual Designer

    Tyro Payments

    I worked with Tyro’s marketing team for a little while to lead a new campaign for the digital marketing team, launch new product landing pages and produce rich marketing collateral including email templates and e-books.

    Freelance from Jul 2016 to Nov 2016 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Technical Consultant

    University of Technology, Sydney

    I was hired by my university’s Innovation & Creative Intelligence Unit to create a platform that allows motivated, entrepreneurial students to find other talented students, form groups and work together on launching startups.

    Contract from Jun 2016 to Aug 2016 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Palantir Technologies

    Product Designer

    Palantir Technologies

    I spent three months working at the Palantir Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. I was on an amazing team tasked with designing an anti-fraud focused pilot project. Palantir was my first purely design-focused role at a company and it was an incredible experience with valuable lessons in UI & UX design, ideation, prototyping and collaboration on a large-scale project.

    Internship from Oct 2015 to Dec 2015 in Palo Alto, California.
  • Sumry

    Head of Product


    While working as Head of Product at Sumry, I designed and implemented an entirely new user interface and platform from ground up, built on Angular. I also spent a lot of time refining the logo, colour palette, social media and overall brand identity. The result was a platform that replaces your resume with an interactive timeline and helps employers understand the real you.

    Full-time from Aug 2014 to Jul 2015 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Gunmetal Studio


    Gunmetal Studio

    While I was in university, I co-founded Gunmetal - an independent web design and development studio. During this time, we had the privilege of working with a range of clients from startups to clothing brands and even big corporate and entertainment companies. Some of our clients included Vimbra, Trekalo, Ryzer, Wild Animal Encounters and National Geographic Channel.

    Self-employed from Jun 2014 to May 2015 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Automation Engineer

    MindArc Digital Agency

    I worked at MindArc as an automation engineer and Magento developer for a short while. I was primarily tasked with rebuilding Magento themes from ground up and creating helpful scripts, however I also worked on some of the client sites. Some of these include famous e-commerce sites like Hello Molly and ShowPo. I also redesigned the MindArc homepage from the ground up.

    Contract from Nov 2014 to Apr 2015 in Sydney, Australia.
  • Web Developer


    During the first few years of my university degree, I was the lead web developer at Zookal. I worked directly with the CTO on building the new Zookal homepage, focusing on modern design and strong responsive capability for an e-commerce site. I also had the chance to work on Zookal’s content-sharing app before it became a big deal in Asia.

    Full-time from Apr 2013 to May 2014 in Sydney, Australia.